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Embark on a Transformative Journey:

Become a Member of The International Association of Psychosexual Therapists (IAPST)

Becoming a member of the International Association of Psychosexual Therapists (IAPST) offers numerous benefits and opportunities. By joining our community, you will:

  • Connect with an international network of highly educated and well-trained professionals.

  • Gain access to the latest research, publications, and advancements in psychosexual therapy.

  • Enhance your professional development through exclusive certification programs and educational resources.

  • Contribute to the promotion of sexual health and wellness worldwide.

  • Play a role in advancing the field of psychosexual therapy through advocacy and collaboration.

Member Benefits

As a member of the IAPST, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Professional Certification: Members have the opportunity to become Certified Psychosexual Therapists

  • Virtual Colloquium: Engage, learn, and connect at our monthly meeting for insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and professional networking.

  • Annual Conference: Learn from experts, meet with colleagues, and enjoy the great locations of our annual conference.

  • International Networking: Benefit from a global network of clinicians specializing in psychosexual therapy.

  • Publication Opportunities: Contribute to our esteemed publications and share your research, insights, and case studies with a broader audience.

  • Access to Online Forum: All members have access to our online forum where they can collaborate, ask questions, get support, and network with other members.

  • Find A Therapist Listing: Certified and Associate Members can be listed on the IAPST Directory (coming soon!)

Membership benefits


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Becoming a Member

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