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1.1 The objectives of the International Association of Psychosexual Therapists are dedicated to advancing the field of psychosexual therapy as a science and profession. The primary goal is to promote overall health, education, and human welfare by fostering the broad and inclusive development of psychosexual therapy. This is achieved through:


1.1.1 Encouraging and supporting all aspects of psychosexual therapy with a systematic and comprehensive approach.


1.1.2 Promoting and enhancing research endeavors within psychosexual therapy while refining research methodologies and conditions.


1.1.3 Elevating the proficiency and value of psychosexual therapists by upholding high standards in ethics, conduct, education, and professional accomplishments.


1.1.4 Establishing and upholding the utmost standards of ethical conduct among the Association's members.


1.1.5 Expanding and disseminating knowledge in psychosexual therapy through gatherings, professional interactions, reports, papers, discussions, and publications.


1.2 By pursuing these objectives, the Association aims to further scientific interests and exploration and to apply research discoveries effectively for the enhancement of health, education, and the general welfare of the public

Article I: Objectives

Article I: Objectives

Article II: Membership

Article III: Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Action

Article IV: Member Rights and Protections

Article V: Membership Dues

Article VI: Powers and Functions of the Association & Executive Committee

Article VII: Executive Committee

Article VIII: Nominations and Elections

Article IX: Terms of Office

Article X: Committees

Article XI: Corporate Seal

Article XII: Parliamentary Authority

IAPST Bylaws

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